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Candy Crisis 1.9 RETAIL 
└ ─────── ALG [01/04]



                               ... ALL THE GOODS ... 

                            Candy Crisis 1.9 RETAIL      
                              Word of Mouse Games 

                          YES! OUR NFO IS UGLY... SO YOU

Release Date: 05/27/04
Number of DISKS: 04 X 1.39MB

Some Info:
A fun game from the Snood people! Candy Crisis  
is an addictive action-puzzle game with retro 50's  
graphics and sweet candy characters. An evil  
scientist has devised self-replicating candy.  
The candies are cute, but they'll multiply until  
they take over the world if you can't stop them.  
Luckily, they're combustible little guys and  
lining up 4 or more will cause them to disappear.  
Work through 10 levels by following the multiplying  
candies from the candy dish in your home back to  
the candy factory. Special magic candies, a bomb,  
and the switcheroo will add variety and challenge  
to your game.  
Candy Crisis is designed with levels for everyone,  
from kids to joystick-happy adults. Beginner, Easy,  
Medium, Hard modes, and a helpful tutorial will turn  
puzzle novices into Candy Crisis champions in no time. 
Enjoy solitaire, 1 and 2 player Candy Crisis modes.  
There's also catchy 50s music, sound effects,  
and great backgrounds sure to appeal to the whole family. 

Install info:
1.) Unpack. 
2.) Install. 
3.) Use:  
SERIAL: D89E-6963-FC86-51BE-201D-7B39-865F-F491-F7E8-BE15-1207-7566 
4.) Enjoy This shit 

Contact Us:
We'r new group in the scene who 
wants to give all to the scene. 
We provide quality release's that 
you guys would use always. 
We are intersting now in: 
Private dump(10mb+) 
Site Affils(we'r looking for WHQ!) 100mb+ 
and all what you think that will help. 
E-mail us: [email protected] 

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