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Attachmate EXTRA! v6.4 (Win95/NT) Crack Patch by Saltine [KC]


Saltine [KC] presents...

Name............: Attachmate EXTRA! v6.4 (Win95/NT)

Archive Size....: 15,523,148 bytes

Description.....: PC-to-mainframe connectivity utility.
Crack Notes.....: Run in the program directory to patch
                  atmepc.dll, removing the 60 day expiration and
                  startup nag.

                  NOTE: This application is largely untested by me,
                  since I do not have the facilities to do so. All
                  the apps placed in the Start menu work fine though,
                  and do not expire or nag.
More Notes......: [1/10, registry, homebrew]
Other Notes.....: My cracks are PGP signed (note the .sig file). To
                  verify the file came from me and has not been tampered
                  with, issue this command (as applies to PGP 2.6.x):

                  PGP crack.sig 

                  You should get a message stating that it is a good
                  signature from me. Of course, you will need my public
                  key, which is available on many PGP public keyservers.

Saltine [KC]

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