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This program will work even if the 30 day trial has expired.

1.	Put the CRL-BOOT.EXE file to the [Programs] folder of corel. 

	"default is c:\corel\draw70_tv\programs"

The only thing you need to know is when you first installed Corel.
Or at least a date within the 30 days when Corel was/is woking!!!!!!!!!

Mine was 05/25/97... Can't help you here.

2.	Run "Crl-Boot.exe" 
	The program will ask for a date when corel was first installed.

	Remember!! The program will only ask once, so if Corel says some
	shit like Date Modified or Unable to Validate, it simply means you
	did not enter the date when Corel worked within the 30 day trial period.

	Use Notepad or similar to modify the "INSTDATE.DAT" file to another
	Date. Or Delete the "INSTDATE.DAT" file and rerun "Crl-Boot.exe"
	"INSTDATE.DAT" file can be found in the [Programs] folder.

=-=-=- For anyone who gives a shit =-=-=-=-=

After waiting several months for one of the crack gods to find the time to crack Corel.
I decited to play with some basic stuff. Found that the program will
not alow you simply set the date back. Nor will it alow you to copy the 200.lic file
from the Boot-CD (and work). But if you do both the program will alow you to run it forever.

This is a simple program I created in VB3. It changes the system date to what you
specified, rewrites the 200.lic file to the original one found on the Boot-cd,
runs CorelDRW.exe, then changes the system date back to the corect date.

Crude, but it works quick. I assigned shortcuts to the Crl-Boot.exe file to get Corel
when I want it. The only drawback I found is any filename with a Corel extention
Example "EATME.CDR" will not get the Corel program for you. Sorry, never said I was
a cracker.

Have fun....

PS.. If anyone finds a real crack for the program please post it...

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