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RD : 13/09/2009
RS : 01x.5.00MB
DC : 01          
DS : .5.00MB    
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      so i include a free apps into this release :) without any modification to it :) so what thats mean its meanning that i have acccess to the appst
      ore that i have a valid account and that i have a valid credit card :) so its enought i think to proove that i have everything its needed to do 
      iphone rls and i add to that the ability to patched and cracked apps and games :)                                                               
      so lets be clear we do not used any public tools and use any release from public site its pretty easy to point out finger when your name is CORE
      PDA but if you point finger lets take a look at your release bro ;)                                                                             
      so let's take a look a 3 releases:                                                                                                              
      release today but on that website that corepda talk but before them and btw its a MU nuke bro :)                                      
            62206 2009-09-13 01:15:19 IPA                                                                                  
            62204 2009-09-13 00:21:26 IPA                                                                                  
            after that :)                                                                                                                             
      Flight.Control.v1.5.iPhone.iPod.Touch.Cracked-COREPDA again release have been post before their pre                                   
            62179 2009-09-12 16:24:49 C4PDA IPA                                                                                          
            after that                                                                                                                                
      SoTV.v3.0.iPhone.iPod.Touch.Cracked-COREPDA                                                                   SoTV.v3.01.iPhone.iPod.Touch.Crack
            44652 2009-05-17 21:37:50 Fran¤äois Chaney IPA                                                                                    
            60046 2009-08-21 10:10:19 IPA                                                                              
      so what's does it pointing out that corepda took rls from that website too and release them i dont think so                                     
      how about going on the forum                                                                                                         
      know. I talked to the COREPDA guy about it. All I remember was that there are some NSFileSize checks and other checks on Info.plist. But I forge
      t what else. I think there is a third check though.                                                                                             
      hum look what we have here do we have some big team that pointing finger to a team that are doing nice and good stuff just because they got race
       on big title and that we ask to be on the same affils so wtf man the appstore have 75 000 apps and are you seriously thinking that you can rele
      ase them all when you are doing 0.99$ apps after that no one find that bizarre that, that guy MadHouse release some stuff to cracks apps that he
       is part of the C4PDA mention earlier and that corepda just release the apps some minute later after that rls being post on and that t
      his guy tell us that he know corepda so what we have here a theory about a team that giving shit to other team for theyre own mistake :)        
      btw i have 2 iphone 1 3g, 1 3gs, my gf also have one :P  can you tell the same ?                                                                
      i have release almost 250 dvd9 in 6 month so whats that mean only that im not going to stolen some cheap 0.99$ atm that i have 2 fucking iphone 
      a computer that are costing more than 5500$ and a laptop that have cost more than 2000$ so next time you try to take a team down like you did wi
      th other one take a team that will not fight back cause me ill do it every time and you can be CORE or COREPDA you do not scared me and im not t
      he kind of guy that doing shit habitually but link me and put me in the same nfo as an other team is not just cool and nice from you i respected
       all the team all over the scene and i apologize for that kind of nfo cause scene are better than that and me either its my last nfo on that sub
      ject after that all the craps you can say i dont care...                                                                                        

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