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▄■               ▄■             ▄■            ▄■
     ▄▄███▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄   ▄▄███▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄   ▄███▄▄▄▄▄▄▄  ▄▄███▄
      ▐██████▀▀▀█████▄ ▀██████▀▀▀████▄ ▀███████████ ▀█████▄
     ░░██████▌░ ░▀█████▌░█████▌░ ░▀████ ▐██ ░▀█████▌ ▐█████ ░░░░  ░░░░
  ░░░  ███████░ ░░▐█████▌██████ ░░░▐███▌ ██▌░░▐█████░▐█████░ ░  ░░░  ░░
  ▒  ▒▒▐██████ ▒ ▄█████▀▒▐█████▄▒▒  ▀█▀▒▐███ ▒ █████▌▒█████▒▒▄■   ▒ ▒▒ ▒
  ▒▒   ▒██████■██▀▀▀▀▒▒ ▒▒███████▄▒  ▒▒▄████▄▄▒▐████▌ ███████▀▒▒▒ ▒▒  ▒▒
   ▒ ▒▒ ██████▒ ▀▀███▄▄▒▒ █████▒▒▀■▒▒ ▐██████▀▀■████▌▒█████▀▒  ▒  ▒ ▒▒
  ░ ░░ ░██████▌ ░ ▐█████░░█████▌░  ░ ░██████▌░ ░████▌ █████  ░░██▄▄ ░  ░
    ░░░▐███████░ ░░█████▌▐██████▄░░░  ██████▌ ░ █████░▐████░░░ ▐████▌░
       ██▀▀█████▄▄██████▌███████████▄ ██████    ▀████▄ █████    ▐████
         ▀▀▀█████████▄ ▀██▀▀▀████▄ ▀██▀      ▐████▄ ████▌ ▄▄███▀
 ■───┘          B E A T   P R O U D L Y   P R E S E N T S:          └───■


       Date.: 0907 2007                   Supplier.: Team BEAT
       Disk.: [xx/18]                     Cracker..: Team BEAT
       Type.: Sequencer

 ■   ┌──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────┐   ■
 ├───┘                  R E L E A S E   N O T E S                   └───┤

      Create. Produce. Perform.
      Ableton Live brings the art of music creation and performance
      into the future. Seamlessly move from basic song ideas to
      studio production, to the stage, all with Ableton Live.
      Elastic Audio
      In Live, tempo is completely fluid. Throw in whatever you
      likeùfrom single drum loops to multitrack creationsùand Live
      keeps the groove locked down tight. Match the tempo to a new
      mood, tie it to a movie's key frames, or keep up with your
      jamming partnersùall without stopping the music. Live also
      lets you fix timing errors and continue tweaking after the
      fact, making it simple to repair that near-perfect guitar
      riff, abuse the groove of a drum loop, or get creative in a
      hundred ways we haven't even thought of yet. Audio is now a
      rubber band!
      Tempo Automation and Swing
      Live lets you automate your project tempo continuously, and
      your music follows. Record at a slow tempo and play it back
      faster. Beyond tempo, with the simple twist of a single
      control, you can also apply a variable amount of swing to your
      project to get it grooving just the way you like it.   
      Warp Markers
      Warp Markers allow for the arbitrary adjustment of beats
      within a loop or audio file. Push and pull individual beats to
      correct (or destroy) the timing of any audio file. Choose from
      several Warp ModesùBeats, Tones, Texture, RePitch and
      Complexùto provide pristine warping results for whatever kind
      of sonic materials you work with.   
      Warp Music to Picture
      Live's Elastic Audio capabilities are perfect for working with
      video. Align hit points, key frames, music and sound effects
      easier than ever before. Live supports the import of video
      clips along with the clip's audio file, which in turn can
      employ Warp Markers, making post-synchronization tasks a snap.
      Auto Warping
      Live's Elastic Audio engine automatically detects the beats in
      your audio files. Just drag in an audio file; Warp Markers
      will be set automatically and the file warped to the current
      project tempo. Even entire songs with complex tempo changes
      can be warped, allowing for intricate DJing and remixing
      Uninterrupted Creative Flow
      Record perfectly cut loops on the fly, mix and match audio of
      any tempo, and add effects, all without ever stopping the
      music: Everything happens in real time. Follow your
      inspiration and use your time more creatively, instead of
      spending it converting sample rates, calculating tempos,
      editing loops and routing complicated effect chains. Live
      keeps the music flowing and gives you back your creative
      Browsing Ideas
      Live's drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to realize your
      ideas and experiment. Just browse and instantly preview audio
      files at the project tempo, and then drag them in to mix and
      match while the music plays. No need to think about tempos,
      file formats, sample rates or bit depthùLive takes care of it
      all in real time.   
      Drag and Drop Effects and Instruments
      Effects and instruments are also drag and drop, just like your
      files. Simply browse, drag and drop, and reorder Live's wide
      array of creative devices, all in real time, and without so
      much as a hiccup. Live also offers full support for your
      favorite VST and AU effects and instruments.   
      Random Access Loop Recording
      Live's unique performance-oriented Session View offers new
      ways of working with your music. Capture those quick riffs and
      other ideas on the fly with quantized loop recording, and go
      directly from recording into looped playback with the press of
      a button. No editing required, just continue on to the next
      Deep Freeze
      Even if things get a little heavy, with numerous tracks full
      of massive effects chains and virtual instruments, Live's
      freeze function keeps things flowing. Just deep freeze your
      track and retain the ability to experiment with editing,
      automation and more without unfreezing it. 
      Defy the Timeline
      Live defies the boundaries of traditional timeline-based
      applications. Drag and drop, record new ideas on the fly, play
      back your ideas in any order and at any moment you wish, all
      without the restrictions of a linear timeline. Live's escape
      from the timeline-only paradigm is the original concept that
      brought it such renown as a stage-performance tool. And Live's
      unique nonlinear approach has made it a staple in studios of
      all sizes around the globe.
      The Session View
      Live's unique Session View acts as a powerful musical sketch
      and launch pad, allowing you to improvise freely with ideas.
      Each cell in the Session View grid can hold a file, or better
      yet an idea, which can be recorded on the fly or dragged in
      from the Browser and played in any order and at any time you
      Sequencing Instrument
      The nonlinear access to your musical ideas that Live provides
      is perfect for the stage. Play a loop or phrase and switch to
      another without missing a beat, or play the chorus for another
      four bars and go into the third verse, or maybe back to the
      second verse. Every element of your song is at your command,
      and you determine the structure in the moment, just as you
      would with any other musical instrument.   
      From Session to Arrangement
      Live lets you seamlessly switch between the Session View's
      creative, right-brain approach of working with music
      spontaneously to the more traditional, left-brain environment
      in the Arrangement View. You can improvise in the Session
      View, and all of your actions will be recorded into the
      Arrangement View, and can then be edited whenever you like.
      Clip launches, effects tweaks and all other actions are
      captured as an Arrangement in real time. Seamlessly switch
      from right to left brain. 
      For Studios
      Producers, engineers and musicians around world have
      discovered the value of Live as a creative partner in the
      studio. Whether it's your studio's main DAW or serves as a
      skillful production assistant to your primary application,
      Live delivers the professional features you need to record,
      produce and perfect your music.
      Creative DAW
      Live offers intuitive 32-bit/192 kHz multitrack recording,
      powerful and creative MIDI sequencing, Mackie Control
      compatibility, creative built-in effects, non-destructive
      editing, powerful automation, VST and AU effect and instrument
      support, a track freeze function, plug-in delay compensation,
      full support for ReWire, ASIO and CoreAudio, and much more.
      Live provides all of the professional tools to get the job
      done and the intuitive workflow that makes it enjoyable.   
      Instrumental and Effective
      Live provides a wide range of effects and instruments for
      creative processing, precision mixing, composition and
      production of your projects. You can also integrate your
      favorite VST and AU instruments into your projects by simply
      dragging and dropping. Create complex "Racks" of instruments
      and effects, and play them via a simplified control interface.
      Save your effects chains and instrument setups in your library
      for instant recall.   
      A Real Live ReWire
      ReWire Reason to Live, expand your Reason projects with your
      own audio recordings, and then add Live's effects and
      instruments, as well as third-party VSTs and AUs, to the mix.
      Sync Live's spontaneous workflow to ProTools, Logic, Cubase,
      Digital Performer, Sonar or any other application that
      supports the ReWire protocol.   
      Movie Support
      Live enters the realm of post for film and commercial
      composers. Improvise, compose and warp music to picture faster
      than ever before. Use Live's spontaneous workflow to launch
      sound effects on the fly, align musical cues using Warp
      Markers, and much more. 
      For Players and Composers
      Live comes with a versatile, comprehensive collection of
      sounds ready to play and inspireùfrom faithfully sampled
      acoustic and electric instruments to unique and impressive
      electronic creations. The sounds come with pre-configured
      controls for expressive play, which can be easily mapped to
      your favorite hardware controller. You can effortlessly shape
      sounds without being concerned about technical intricacies,
      but if you like to dig deeper, you will find myriad
      possibilities for creating unique, personalized sounds.
      Essential Instrument Collection
      The boxed version of Live ships with a multi-gigabyte library
      of meticulously sampled and selected instruments from the
      SONiVOX (formerly Sonic Implants) premium collections. The
      Essential Instrument Collection provides a choice selection of
      acoustic and electric pianos, orchestral strings, brass,
      woodwinds, plucked, and mallets, ready to play right out of
      the box.
      Simple From the Outside...
      Live's "Racks" recall custom groupings of virtual instruments,
      effects and plug-ins along with eight controls for tweaking
      the sound. The controls allow you to expressively play the
      Rack without having to deal with its technical intricacies.
      You can use any MIDI controller to tweak, and Live comes with
      preconfigured settings for many popular hardware surfaces.   
      ...Flexible From the Inside
      Racks can contain a multitude of parallel instruments for
      creating complex layers and splits, as well as effects chains,
      within a single embedded device. Unfolding a Rack reveals the
      layers, effects, key and velocity splits, and more, allowing
      for easy customization.   
      Built-in Instruments and Effects
      Live includes the instruments Simpler, for creative
      sample-based synthesis, and Impulse, for dynamic percussion
      sound design, as well as over twenty audio effects including a
      host of creative delays, filters, distortions, studio
      compressors and EQs, plus several real-time MIDI effects for
      endless creativity.   
      Expand Your Library
      Using Ableton's add-on instruments such as the popular hybrid
      soft-synth Operator; the new Sampler, a powerful multisampling
      synthesis instrument; or your favorite third-party plug-ins,
      you can create and save your own custom Racks. Just drag and
      drop your creation to the Browser and it can be instantly
      recalled at any time. 
      For Sound Designers
      Whether you're making slight adjustments or shaping new,
      radical variations, Live is a sound designer's dream. Draw
      effects automation, pitch changes, volume and pan envelopes,
      and more over the top of your samplesùall without stopping the
      music. When you've got your sound perfected, just drag it to
      the Browser and it will be saved for future use.
      Real-Time Non-Destructive Processing
      All editing in Live is non-destructive, leaving your original
      sound intact while you experiment as much as you like.
      Everything happens in real time, making it easy to try out
      your ideas without stopping the music. The sound evolves as
      quickly as your ideas come to you.   
      Draw Inspiration
      Live's clip envelopes make tasks that normally require
      extensive editing a breeze. Draw pitch, volume and effects
      automation curves over the top of any part of your sample.
      Copy and paste your creation and go at it again with new
      envelopes to create endless variations, all in real time.   
      Save it
      Live Clips allow you to easily save any idea that you come up
      with for future use. Combine clip envelopes, effects chains,
      MIDI patterns and more in a single Live Clip. Just drag it to
      the Browser and name it. Then simply drag it back into any
      Live Set when you need it.   
      Sonic Expansion
      Live includes powerful tools to shape your sonic ideas into
      audible results. Over twenty built-in audio effects, the
      Simpler and Impulse instruments, several MIDI effects, Clip
      Envelopes, Warp Markers, Follow Actions, extensive routing,
      ReWire, VST and AU support, and much more give you the sonic
      options you need to accomplish any task. 
      For DJs
      Thanks to its unique real-time features, Live opens up
      entirely new worlds of creative expression. Mix any number of
      tracks and loops, remix on the fly, capture audio loops in
      real time from decks and other external sources, incorporate
      your own productions into the mix, and much more. Whether it's
      the center of your DJing rig or a creative addition to your
      existing setup, Live brings fresh possibilities to DJing.
      Powerful Real-Time Remix Features
      Live's Elastic Audio engine allows for real-time remixing and
      endless experimentation. Mix as many tracks or track elements
      as you want, Live keeps everything in sync all the time.
      Create remixes on the fly by reworking song structures and
      mashing up beats and a cappellas from different tracks. Play
      the loops and tracks you produce in your sets.   
      Infinitely Effective
      Find your own sound with Live's uniquely creative effects.
      Live's effects are easy to use, yet allow you to dig deep and
      experiment. Create your own custom effects and assign the key
      effects parameters to a simplified, performance-friendly
      interface for quick tweaking. Or choose from Live's
      studio-proven palette of EQs, filters, delays and more. Full
      VST and AU plug-in support opens up even more possibilities.  
      From DJing to Production
      Take your DJ skills to the production realm with Live's
      powerful production tools and inspiring workflow. Live makes
      it easy to create your own loops, customized remixes,
      rearranged songs and unbelievable mash-ups, and incorporate
      them into your DJ sets. Before you know it you will be
      producing completely original tracks within Live.   
      At Home in the Booth
      Live integrates easily into existing DJ setups and brings new
      creative possibilities along. Simply plug your audio interface
      into your DJ mixer and add Live to the mix. Mixing from decks
      to Live and back is as simple as mixing with two decks. Live
      also acts as a powerful effects box, sampler and, of course,
      recording device for capturing and mastering your mixes. 
      No Idea Lost
      Live is a musical sketch pad that quickly and easily lets you
      try out new ideas and capture those you like for later use.
      From Live Clips to Racks and its powerful browsing
      capabilities, Live encourages experimentation and makes sure
      that no good idea ever gets away.
      Live Clips
      Ideas are easily preserved with Live Clips. Just drag a clip
      to the Browser and name it, and it will be available to you
      whenever you need it. Just drag it back into Live and all its
      settings come along with it. Every setting remains editable,
      so you can easily change parameters to adapt it to a new
      Powerful Browsing
      Live's Browser provides fast, intuitive search and
      organizational tools that make it a breeze to find the sound
      you're after. Preview your ideas at the current project's
      tempoùLive stretches them in real time. A single drag-and-drop
      action puts you right where you want to be.   
      Find the perfect effects and instrument combination and save
      it as a Rack. Racks allow you to preserve that carefully
      crafted crunchy guitar effects chain, complex instrument
      layers and splits, or your favorite arrangement of EQ and
      compression settings for mastering. Drag and drop to and from
      the Browser to save and recall your custom Racks.   
      Time Management
      Live's intuitive interface enhances the pleasure of the
      creative process. Your ideas and inspiration come first.
      Improvise with your ideas in the Session View, drag and drop,
      draw clip envelopes and experiment in uncountable other ways,
      all without ever stopping the music or your inspiration. 
      Hands-On Control
      Live's controls are always at your fingertips, or your toes,
      with the use of any MIDI controller. Assign Live's playback,
      recording, clip and scene launching, effects controls, tempo,
      and just about any other feature to your favorite MIDI
      controller. Live is so expressive that it even allows you to
      improvise complete performances with the computer. Your
      computer actually becomes a musical instrumentùan expressive
      and creative tool perfectly at home on stage or in the
      Express Yourself
      Whether you're working in the studio or on stage, tactile
      control can speed up the creative process. Live offers full
      MIDI control of nearly every function in the program. Simply
      enter MIDI Map Mode, select a parameter, move a MIDI knob,
      press a key, footswitch or pad, and it is assigned, ready for
      Control-Surface Compatible
      You can use any MIDI controller with Live, but for those who
      already own a dedicated control surface such as the Mackie
      Control, Live comes with dedicated support. Manage your mix,
      effects and all of Live's other real-time controls via
      hands-on, mouse-free operation.   
      You can assign multiple Live parameters to a single MIDI
      control as well. For instance, with a single knob you could
      open a filter cutoff, increase the resonance, decrease the
      feedback of a delay, and increase the project tempo. All
      assigned parameters can be inverted and scaled to a particular
      range for accurate control.   
      Live Sampling
      With a MIDI controller, Live becomes a powerful real-time
      sampling and looping device. Using the Session View, you can
      record clips and go directly into looped playback by assigning
      a clip launch button to a MIDI controller. Quantized recording
      makes it easy to capture perfect loops on the fly.

 ■   ┌──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────┐   ■
 ├───┘                  I N S T A L L   N O T E S                   └───┤

      1) Run Setup.exe to install
      2) Unzip to the Program folder in the install dir,
         overwrite existing file
      3) Use KeyGen.exe to generate a serial number
      4) Enter anything as unlock key
      Note: This works for all included products.

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BEAT's keygen for Ableton Live v6.0.10

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